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Imperial College, London, 28th November 2014
Metabonomics in Molecular Epidemiology pdf


Each winter, MEGUK hosts a 1-day research workshop, introducing an area of current scientific interest to UKEMS and MEG members and to a broader research audience. Previous topics have included “Epigenomics and Disease”, “Novel Biomarkers and Techniques for Large Prospective Studies” and “Linking Genetic Variation with Exposure in the Epidemiology of Common Disorders”. Occasionally, a joint meeting is organised with other scientific bodies, including the Nutrition Society and the Environmental Cancer, Nutrition and Individual Susceptibility EU Network of Excellence group (ECNIS2). Recent examples of these collaborative ventures include “Functional Genomic Biomarkers, Nutrition and Disease susceptibility” hosted in 2010, and “Design of Future Molecular Epidemiology Studies and New Biomarkers” in 2012. Details of these meetings can be found under the individual links below.

• MEG Workshop Programme 2013 pdf
• MEG Workshop Programme 2012 pdf
• MEG Workshop Programme 2010 pdf
• MEG Workshop Programme 2009 pdf
• MEG Workshop Programme 2008 pdf
• MEG Workshop Programme 2007 pdf
• MEG Workshop Programme 2006 pdf

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